My Top 5 Strengths

Strengthsfinder Book

1. Strategic

"People with strong Strategic talents have the ability to sort through the clutter and find the best route. This is not a skill that can be taught. It is a distinct way of thinking — a special perspective on the world at large."

2. Maximizer

"Maximizers have and bring to others a focus on quality. They create strengths within groups by enabling each person to do what he or she naturally does best. Their drive toward excellence can lead to a new standard of success."

3. Woo

"Woo stands for winning others over. People with strong Woo talents bring energy to social situations. They can connect with others and act as catalysts in helping people connect with one another. They have an exceptional ability to draw others out of their shell."

4. Positivity

"People with strong Positivity talents bring enthusiasm to people, groups, and organizations. They can stimulate others to be more productive and hopeful. They always seem to find a way to lighten the spirits of those around them. They celebrate every achievement."

5. Communication

"People with strong Communication talents like to explain, describe, host, present, and write. They bring attention and focus to important messages. They can find words for not only their own thoughts and feelings, but for those of others. This gives them the ability to reach out and connect with others in meaningful ways."

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